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mmhmm is live now (on Mac)

Over the last 3 months I participated in the beta program of mmhmm which is an amazing virtual camera solution. Today they announced that mmhmm is live (on Mac only) and that it will be available under the following conditions:

  • Regular users: 10$/month, 100$ per year

  • Free users: full functionality for 1 hour/ day, limited functionality all day

  • One year free for students as part of their education program (email to them with you school email address)

  • Three extra months free for all former beta users (maybe you can still sneak in by using this download link?)

Why do I love mmhmm so much and recommend it?

To me mmhmm is...

  • Really easy to use

  • Integrates all cool functionality to make a difference in video calls

  • Is more than a virtual cam, because you can run your video and addition rich media content in your screen at the same time

  • Possibility to co-moderate: two presents from different locations in one picture at the same time plus additional media content

  • It is fun!!!

But seriously, beside all the cool fun factors, mmhmm can add great value to any conference call, because you can combine/mesh several content sources a the same time and through this make the virtual conference a bit more real. The screenshot of my website in the top corner could also be a presentation or a video. You can highlight any content by making your video bigger/smaller, move it or use a highlighting pen. mmhmm is so rich of useful features!

I'm proud, that I was beta tester and could contribute during the beta phase with my feedback. The tool is amazing. give it a try.

Cannot wait to get the Windows version, maybe also on beta first?

Thx to @vowe who recommended mmhmm to me.

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